Sunday, September 10, 2006

Seattle 9 Detroit 6

Well, it's football season again. Yesterday I spent the day at The Big House in Ann Arbor, taking my two oldest to their first University of Michigan game (We won against CMU 41 to 17). I can honestly tell you that this was the funnest four hours I have ever spent with my kids. Between all the yelling, screaming, waves, cheerleaders and general mayhem, we had more fun than should be legal.......even with the Wolverines' first recorded weather delay.
Today, we watched the Lions. As is usual, our offence looked lousy and we lost. Still, we held our own against the 2005 NFC champions which was more than we possibly could have asked for, and due largely to some spectacular defensive football thar held Seattle to 3 field goals. I fully expected a crushing bloodbath. At one point, the Lions actually had the chance to win the game but, of course, we blew it. In retrospect it's probably a good thing. Had they actually won, the following lack of bowel and bladder control might have sent my kids into therapy.
It was not a total loss however, as I am once again able to enjoy, for the first time this year, the food staple that will be my lunch from today to Superbowl Sunday:
Homemade "Loaded Baked Potato Soup"

Buffalo Wings with Stuffed Potato Skins

As I sit here behind my computer, feeling my arteries harden while my blood pressure rises to level that will soon bring me to the brink of unconsciousness, I can't but welcome my favorite part of year back into my life. I've got three months of football, salmon fishing, comfort food and Thanksgiving dinner to look forward to before Christmas shopping season begins.


Blogger Diana said...

I'm so hungry now.

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