Wednesday, April 05, 2006

On A Serious Note

The father of the three children killed in Venezuela was a good friend of a work buddy of mine. The devastation this unfolding event brought upon him, and no doubt the family of the victims, is immeasurable. It was heartbreaking to witness him getting the news. This post is really out of character, but my thoughts and prayers go out to the Faddoul family along with the hope that the animals that committed this horrible act receive the grisly punishment they so truly deserve.


Blogger jude said...

I'm not sure that grisly would be the adjective of my choice, but it is indeed terrible. These things make me feel utterly helpless

5:05 PM  
Anonymous MM said...

I've read the articles JEP and can't even begin to imagine what the family has been, and is, going through. One can only give them our prays at a time like this and hope that there will be some justice, somehow.

9:28 PM  

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