Saturday, February 25, 2006

Man Forced To Marry Goat

Yet another hapless lover of animals gains internet superstardom by sleeping with a neighbor's livestock. Its kind of refreshing to know that Mississippi is not the only place grappling with this problem though. So, as customs of The JEP Report must be adhered to, here's a limerick in honor of Mr Tombe:
Now the news sounds completely absurd,
That hard time would be stopped or deferred,
And no blood would be shed,
'Stead you'd be forced to wed,
If you're caught out molesting the herd.


Anonymous Mother Mayhem said...

I thought you only had to worry about picking up a date at a family reunion, or funeral, in Mississippi-maybe not. Talk about being fleeced! Are we sure you're not trying to pull the wool over our eyes on this one JEP??

On the bright side, ewe would always know who'd lead when ewe danced.........

Your Mother

12:21 AM  

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