Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bush Unaware of Port Deal Before Approval

Washington – As controversy brews over the proposed plan to sell US port management operations to a state run operation from the United Arab Emirates, it has now come to light that President George Bush was unaware of the deal until after it had been approved by the nation’s vetting process.

At yesterday’s press conference defending the sale President Bush was quoted as saying, “The UAE is an ally in the global fight against terrorism. The Dubai company in question is a stand-up corporation with unrivaled credentials that provides world class service around the globe. There is no reason this entity should be barred from running our parks.”

“Uhhh, ‘Ports’, Mr. President.” Corrected Vice President Dick Cheney, who was standing behind President Bush.


“Ports, sir. We’re selling the UAE the operations of our ports.”

“We sold them what!?!?!? You better be talking wine, Dick.”

The controversy surrounding the sale of port operations to the UAE has also brought several other impending deals under closer scrutiny, among them the sale of a facility that manufactures vaccines against anthrax to an Egyptian pharmaceutical company out Cairo. Though several congressional figures have spoken out publicly against the deal, Pashtun Medical Corporation has been uncharacteristically silent in regards to these developments. Pashtun CEO Ayman al-Zawahiri could not be reached for comment as, according to his secretary, he was on sabbatical somewhere along the Afghani / Pakistan border.

The impending financial bailout of Northwest Airlines by the Muhammad Atta Memorial Corporation of Saudi Arabia may also be in jeaporady.


Blogger Solo said...

Excellent, I lived in the UAE a while back, it was, um...sandy, and dry...Andrew I think has our old family photo album. TJ might even be in there somewhere...

10:44 PM  
Blogger andywlr said...

Yeah, back in the days when it was only moderately dangerous to travel the world as a US citizen. A Canadian friend of mine had to cancel a trip to see Petra in Jordan, she was afraid of being mistaken for an American

1:52 PM  
Blogger JEP said...

Gotta hate when that happens. To be honest though, when I'm traveling through the Third World, I try to avoid being mistaken for an American myself. I tried looking French, but that just seemed to make the ruffians think I was an easy target.

2:39 PM  

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