Saturday, October 07, 2006


Well, I was actually going to write a post today, but the University of Michigan Wolverines play the Michigan State Spartans today at 4:30 EST. Me and my kids will be doing going nuts, namely by jumping on the furniture and eating Doritos in the living room since their mother isn't home. Hopefully I will be updating again tomorrow.


Blogger Caretaker Matt said...

Jim, you sure know how to party like it's 1980. Rock on you party hamster.

By the way, did you switch away from the obvious blowout of the Michigan game to watch the Tigers or did you stay and bask in the glory of Michigan beating up the slow kid on the bus..i.e. MSU? Too bad the Padres crapped out last night. The World Series could have been a replay of the last time. And just think, we could have had a real excuse to go out to San Diego other than staggering over the boarder to hit TJ to relive the drunken days of our youth. Ah such memories.....well memories for some of us.

Hope you and the fam are doing well.

11:36 AM  
Blogger JEP said...

Hey Matt!

You know, sadly I was glued to taking in the spectacle of watching Michigan bludgeon the Special Olympians that made up the Spartan team and missed most of the Tigers’ glory. Normally, I get upset watching people beat up on the handicapped but in this case I rather enjoyed it.

This weekend I realized that when it comes to football, I really am a clinical sado-masochist. When watching Michigan games, I find myself getting really perturbed when they get far enough ahead in points where they pull their starters and put in the second string. The sadist in me just wants the pounding to go ON and ON and ON and ON, like they did in the Notre Dame game.

When it comes to the Lions though, I am a true masochist. I am glued to the television every Sunday afternoon giggling like a little schoolgirl on LSD in anticipation of the humiliation Matt Millen is going to suffer at the hands of whatever opponent he is up against that week. When the Lions start to win, the excitement within me begins to build because I know that the more the Lions pull ahead, the more devastating the implosion is going to be when the game finally reaches the fourth quarter. When the team finally falls apart, I’m laughing so hysterically that my wife is beginning to suspect that I’ve been sneaking aperitifs made of Windex and WD-40.

The sad part is that I REALLY feel sorry for Rob Marinelli, Mike Martz, and Kitna. The improvements those men have made to that team’s offense are truly inspiring when compared with what the Lions have had to work with so far this century. The really funny thing is that I am sincere about that and I am describing a team that has yet to win a game so far this season. I have to admit though, now that I am in the right frame of mind the Detroit Lions are so much more fun to watch.

Anyway Matt, it’s great to hear from you! Do me a favor and shoot me an e-mail with your phone number so we can do some catching up. My cell phone died during last weekend’s fishing trip (didn’t make as good of a lure as I thought it would) and I lost my phone book with it, as well as all my awesome ringtones.

Hope you’re doing well!


4:04 PM  

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