Sunday, January 08, 2006

More Fatherly Wisdom

This morning my daughter, a budding hypochondriac, exposed my three-year-old son to the word, "diarrhea". Looking a little perplexed, he turned to me and asked what diarrhea was. At first, I tried to give him the medical textbook definition but believed that all of the long words would just invite more questions than they answered. In the end, I just fell back on tradition and explained it to him the way it was taught to me when I was a little boy:
"DIARRHEA! Phbbbt! Phbbbt!
DIARRHEA! Phbbbt! Phbbbt!
Some people think its funny,
But it's really hot and runny!
DIARRHEA! Phbbbt! Phbbbt!
DIARRHEA! Phbbbt! Phbbbt!
Some people think its gross,
But its really great on toast!
DIARRHEA! Phbbbt! Phbbbt!
DIARRHEA! Phbbbt! Phbbbt!"
Of course, my wife will be home from the store soon and I just can't get the little maniac to quit singing it. Being proactive, I've already moved a pillow and a blanket to the downstairs couch and informed the dog that he'll be my spooning partner again tonight.


Anonymous LoB said...

I really haven't had time to post comments as of late, but I have to chime in and say that your LSD post was a brilliant read. Best of luck with your diarrhea-singing offspring.

6:13 PM  

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