Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Wash. Court Rejects Democratic Recount Lawsuit

The Pacific Northwest has long been the stronghold of a school of thought so liberal that it could make a Greenpeace delegation look like the unholy brown-shirted emissaries of the Third Reich. The fact that a Republican could even come close enough to being the governor of Washington to warrant a recount is cause for utter amazement. The fact that, due to this latest ruling by Washington’s Supreme Court, he could possibly win it leaves one almost speechless and wondering what the Democrats could possibly have done to force so many dedicated constituents to cross party lines. Granted, the recount is still ongoing and the election is not completely in the bag yet, but if it goes Dino Rossi’s way I would expect a lot of Democratic turmoil in Washington over the next four years. I can only imagine what is being said in all those organic coffee shops infesting the sidewalks of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Seattle right now.


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