Monday, December 13, 2004

Al Sharpton Paid $86,000 to Aid Kerry Campaign

How does Al Sharpton, a man who launched his career by nearly inciting a race riot in New York City over a fraudulent rape accusation, become a legitimate political entity who was actually taken seriously enough to be considered as a viable contender for the White House in 2004 and invited to the Democratic Party debates? More importantly, why should anyone be surprised that he would not stump for anyone but himself without being paid for it?

As a Republican, I find it reassuring that the DNC has no shortage of fruitcakes to waste its energies upon when shamelessly prostituting itself for minority votes. These self-aggrandizing charlatans have a penchant for sucking up airtime desperately needed by those who actually have a shot at winning to spread their agenda (or obvious lack thereof). From a race relations standpoint though, it is a tragedy. Many denizens of white America see imbeciles such as Al Sharpton and Marion Berry as the chosen mouthpieces of the black community even though most African-Americans I know consider them less as role models and more as horrible examples. Unfortunately, the more cross-appealing minority candidates with a more intelligent, eloquent and genuinely positive message for their constituents, such as Barak Obama, have their words and actions diluted, or even overshadowed, by the inane antics of these morally corrupt headline-grabbers.

If the DNC wants a legitimate shot at reaching at the American heartland, it needs to distance itself from these poster children of unabashed of self-promotion and award Al Sharpton the status he truly deserves: that of a third-runner-up contestant in the 7th Annual African-American Elvis Impersonator Contest in Podunk, Arkansas. I doubt there is such a thing but if there was, I imagine it would be one of the few avenues of success available to a man with a persona akin to a retarded mountain llama on a bad acid trip and a Presely-esque haircut outside of Democratic politics.
To view a picture of Al Sharpton wondering, "#!%$&!, did I say that out loud?" go to:


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