Saturday, December 11, 2004

President Bush's Comedic Timing Draws Canadian Admiration

President Bush may have found religion, but his frat-boy roots definately showed themselves during his recent trip to Canada, causing widespread speculation that he may have fallen headfirst off of the wagon and into a vat of 'Brador (that mind bending elixir of the north that's been lowering the standards of visiting American women ever since I was in high school).
Actually, I do not not understand why everyone is so surprised to see that the president has such a great sense of humor. He was one of the origninal party animals in his prime. I mean, he was arrested for drunk driving in the NINTEEN SEVENTIES for crying out loud! Can anyone fathom how drunk someone had to be to get a DUI in the 1970's? It was not even a crime back then! It was more like a hobby. You did not GET DUIs in the 1970's! You had to practically EARN them!


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