Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Extra Terrestrials and Pre School

My son hates going to preschool. He refuses to get up in the morning, fights his way through breakfast, resists getting dressed and once he arrives, will not let my wife leave without putting on a truly spectacular display of temper. He usually lightens up a bit after an hour or so we’re told, but he doesn’t go without a fight. Today however, he could not wait.

Today is my son’s preschool’s Halloween party and he could not wait to finally put on the Buzz Lightyear costume he has been dying to wear ever since it was purchased in early September. Buzz Lightyear is his hero and my son talks about him almost non-stop. He is always playing with his Buzz action figures and when I come home at night, he calls me Zurg in an attempt to get me to chase him around the house. The anticipation of dressing up like his hero was almost too much for him to bear and on more than one occasion, I’ve caught him sitting in our walk-in closet, just staring at the suit he had to wait until Halloween to wear.

After dinner last night, when we told him he would finally be able to put that coveted costume on, he nearly burst from excitement. He actually woke me up this morning (and I get up at a truly ungodly hour) to ask if it was time to go to school yet. He raced through breakfast, got dressed all by himself and was in the car in his Space Ranger ensemble before my wife could even get the baby in his car seat.

When he got to school though, he started withdrawing back into his shy mode and staying close to my wife so that she would not leave him there again. Then he saw a much younger and shorter toddler waddling into the pre-school dressed like the little three-eyed green aliens that are Buzz Lightyear’s cohorts in the cartoon and Toy Story movies. He got really excited and screamed, “Look Mom! It’s Alien!” He then ran off to play with the little boy in the alien suit without the slightest care about being left behind by my wife.

After being told all this by my wife, I realized just how much like me my son really is. When I was young, I couldn’t stand the thought of going to school either unless I was Buzzed to the point that I saw aliens. After that, I was fine.


Blogger Sacto Ritch said...

God save us all. Your kid is just like you and Jackson is just like me. It's a good thing they live 2500 miles apart.

1:25 AM  
Blogger JEP said...

Actually, I was kind of hoping you could take him in once he starts college out there.

6:07 AM  

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