Friday, August 05, 2005

Moving Day

Well, I have had enough of the Motor City. Tomorrow I am packing my things and moving from the suburbs of this shining example of urban decay to Flint Michigan, a city that... well... to be honest... is actually quite a lot worse off than Detroit. Still, it is much closer to where I work. At least it was when I signed the papers to close the purchase of my new house. Two hours after that though, work called and set off a chain events that resulted in me getting transfered to Windsor, Ontario. CANADA. Now, instead of driving forty miles to work, I'll be driving almost seventy and added the extra pleasure of an international border crossing. On the bright side, every time Tom Ridge's Homeland Security mood ring goes to "Orange", I'll probably get a day off work. Funny thing is, if I had stayed where I was at, I could have been to work in less than twenty minutes.
Anyway, with the new house and the new job, it will probably be a while before I get back to posting on this thing on a semi-regular basis. Actually, when I think about it, I've been posting about as regularly as the terminally constipated during an ex-lax shortage anyway so my four loyal readers will probably not even notice the difference.
You all have a good weekend anyway.


Blogger GMTMan said...


That's unfortunate news to hear, but I hope it all goes well for you.

You're still managing to post more frequently than I am....

Good luck with it all, and see you Monday.


2:25 PM  
Anonymous Fade_to_Blah said...

Good luck with the move. 70 miles to work each way or is that total? If its each way, holy shit!!

You gotta keep up your posting man, I need something to do while Im at work

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jep,

If you ever decide you want to move even farther north, the house next door to mine is for sale. It even has a pool!

Seriously though, I hope it's going well. Moving can be a bitch.


10:36 AM  
Blogger JEP said...

Blah –

Will try to keep posting, but it’s still really busy around here. Especially with the drive being 70 miles EACH WAY.

The funny thing is the drive is actually about 10 minutes quicker than my old drive which was 30 miles closer to work. So once the unpacking settles down I should be able to get back into a posting routine.

Cindy –

Hmmmmmm. A house with a pool AND a hot stalker next door? I’ll tell you what, if they throw in a hot tub full of Jello, they might have a serious bidder on that piece of property.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jep, I know you've moved already, but I miss the JepReport.

So I'm getting my fix of it by commenting. Damn you and your heroin-like prose!

Hope you're all settling in well.


8:13 PM  

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