Sunday, July 10, 2005

Freudian Slip at the Golden Arches

I was at McDonald’s yesterday. After we finished, my wife took my daughter to the bathroom while I tried to occupy my 2-year-old. He wanted to give “High Fives” So we did. The following conversation transpired:
Son: “Gimme Five, Daddy!”
I give him five.
Son: “Gimme Potato Dad!"
We bump fists and cheer.
Son: “Gimme elbow, Daddy!”
We bump elbows, then knees, then shoulders and virtually every other body part until my son bows down towards me, laughing hysterically and yells, “GIMME HEAD DAD!”
I busted out laughing myself and replied, in a voice much louder than I meant to project, “I ain’t giving you head!”
I then noticed how many people were staring at me so, to avoid a costly call to Child Welfare Services, I head-butted the little cretin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can just imagine your thought process: Try and explain your way out of the situation, or headbutt your child.

Good choice.


7:22 PM  

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