Thursday, April 28, 2005

Zimbabwe Re-Elected to United Nations Human Rights Commission

Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe, a people's paradise where the government has seized thousands of minority-owned farms under the guise of agrarian reform, put excessive controls on the media and civil rights groups and has created a political atmosphere in which dissenters and the political opposition must fear for their safety, has been re-elected to the United Nations' Human Rights Commission.
According to a story reported by the BBC last February, Zimbabwe has even set up camps to mold children into a cadre of party thugs willing to torture and kill opponents of southern Africa's premier rogue regime. Camp initiatiation rites apparently consist of the gang rape of female recruits, some as young as 11 years old, and beatings of the males until they are broken down enough to be receptive to a curriculum that trains them how to violently put down opposition to Mugabe's hold on power.
Allowing Zimbabwe, and for that matter Sudan, hold positions on the UNHRC makes it one of the world's most laughable governmental entities. With that kind of logic, Michael Jackson should be running the United Nations Children's Fund while Scott Peterson takes a turn at the helm of the United Nations' Development Fund for Women.


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