Sunday, January 02, 2005

Blogs Have Their Day

The gist of this article is the nature of blogs and, as they become more mainstream, will they eventually become part of the media establishment that they are all too happily contrary to at the moment? The answer of course is yes, and no. Those bloggers with the talent to be picked up by the mainstream media machine will undoubtedly be all too eager to follow the money. They would be insane not to. Hopefully, then they could help change the mainstream media from within, resisting the contemporary editorial influences that plague news organizations at the present, namely the information conglomerates that have buckled under the pressure of advertisers to produce a product consumable by the masses that weakly appeals to everyone yet fails to present a clear and accurate product to anyone. If bloggers fall into that trap, they naturally will lose the appeal their success depends upon and their readership will pick another blog out of the virtually unlimited legions of them out there edgy enough to appeal to their specific interests.

So, would I ever sell out for big bucks? In a heartbeat, though I know I would fail miserably if I did. I do my best work sitting in my underwear, alone in the dark, while listening to my Twisted Sister cassette tape collection at decibels that could induce terminal psychosis in an epileptic Chihuahua from fifty feet away. Somehow, I just don't think I could reproduce that environment in a corporate setting without becoming a permanent remedial student in the company's sexual harassment training course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What mainstream media is using blogs? And are they really paying for them? And do people who are "picked up" really have to go work in an office rather than telecommute? (I admit I don't pay attention to mainstream media much.)


2:48 PM  
Blogger JEP said...

The mainstream media is picking up on blogs more and more, capitilizing on their inter-activity with their audience and the infinite ressearch resources they possess (an example being those that exposed Dan Rather's over-eagerness to libel George Bush). Establishment blogs, such as those found on MSN or Fox News, lack this interactivity by the nature of their success, relying upon "Letters to the Editor" type of formats to limit input, therefore making it manageable. As for tele-commuting...they would certainly have to permit it, and indeed encourage it, if they want to keep from interferring with the aspect of the medium that is the core of its originality: the complete lack of editorial oversight. Not to mention, I doubt anyone really wants to see people like me streaking around an officeplace wearing nothing more than a tattered pair of tighty-whiteys and a French Tickler.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Sacto Ritch said...

Dude, I've seen you in tighty whities and it isn't pretty and I'm not sure what a French tickler looks like but I'm quite sure it's even worse!

7:21 PM  

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