Saturday, January 08, 2005

2005 Detroit Auto Show Preview #6 - Hummer H3

Hummer, that vehicular icon of American ingenuity, power, wealth and our penchant for wanton natural resource consumption and foreign misadventure, will offer a kinder, gentler version of its marauding freeway behemoths in 2005. Though smaller, faster and more economical than its H1 and H2 siblings, the H3 still radiates a commanding road presence and bears the formidable military styling that has been striking fear in the hearts of Afghani brigands, Iraqi firebrands, Colombian narco-terrorists and slow left lane drivers for the better part of a decade now. Based off of the same platform that spawned the Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck, the H3 possesses a fuel economy well into double-digits. In fact it is just 3 miles per gallon less than its Colorado sibling which is surprising, given that the Hummer’s rectangular silhouette typically gives it the aerodynamic qualities one would expect to find in rocket-launched hippopotami. Though there are distinct disadvantages to Hummer ownership, not least among them the bankrupting financial burden required to feed them when accounting for recent fuel costs, it is hard to imagine GM losing with this one. Hummers are fun to own, project a powerful image, handle well and, in short, give men that same kind of confidence boost that women usually turn to breast enhancement surgery for.


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