Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Thank You

I got the idea to try my hand at blogging just over four months ago with the intention of trying to see if my writing skills were actually decent enough to be fairly amusing to anyone but myself. The results thus far have been quite encouraging. Granted, no fairy god-editor has dropped out of the sky and offered me a multi-million dollar book deal or anything like that but, from what I can tell from my site meter, there are about twenty people who drop by on a fairly regular basis to see what’s going on. The rest are dropping by from Underculture because they've been duped into thinking they're getting some free tubgirl porn. Anyway, it is turning out to be a fair amount of fun and, in addition to serving as a creative outlet, has turned to serve as a significant source of encouragement to try my hand at trying to make a little extra money writing. I currently have one article, “Potty Training a Porcelain Prodigy” submitted to Parenting Magazine for publication as well as three that were turned into Modern Drunkard Magazine for consideration. I have not heard from any of them yet but at this point, blogging has come to be fun enough that I’ve decided to keep it up no matter what happens.

I did however, manage to get three articles published on ZUG – The World’s Only Comedy Website (
http://www.zug.com/) yesterday and also received some very kind words from the editor there as well. No pay was involved of course, but I could consider my ego sufficiently stroked for the effort.

Anyway, there have been a couple people that have been very encouraging up to this point and I would like to take some time to thank them out right. First and foremost, I would like to thank Sacto Ritch and Matt who, in addition to being lifelong trusted friends and an inexhaustible source of material, have had great words for The JEP Report and Ritch has been a loyal reader since its inception. Matt just discovered it yesterday but if it was not for him, Ritch and myself would probably ended up working the Donkey Show circuit south of the border.

Second, I would like to thank the people at ZUG for their encouragement as well. Ten years ago I would have thought it awfully strange to carry on a relationship of any sort with someone I’ve only met through a machine, but it’s a funny group and I’m glad to be able to participate in it. Roofie Raccoon in particular has proved an invaluable cyber-mentor and I am really glad she took up the cause. I’d also like to thank Chi-Chi, ZUG’s editor, for publishing my material there as well.

I would also like to thank Amanda at Conservadiva! (
http://conservadiva.blogspot.com/). She was the first person (and, as far as I know the only person) to post a link to The JEP Report on her blog, which I have to admit is a gutsy move since her site is a forum for conservative political issues and my site is by no means Moral Majority friendly. Actually, through this I think that I have developed a small following at Dartmouth University of which I am very proud of. Either that, or it’s just Amanda that keeps coming back. It is hard to imagine students at an institution of higher learning as prestigious as Dartmouth regularly tuning into the rantings of someone who barely made it through high school. Hell, if it wasn’t for Street Pharmacology and Amateur Gynecology I probably would have went through those four years without studying anything at all.

And of course, I’d like to thank the rest of you that regularly read The JEP Report. I’m guessing there is about twenty of you out there of which I know only one. Joe Getty of Sacramento’s “Armstrong & Getty Show” (AM650), glad to have you on board!

If you do read The JEP Report and have any suggestions, comments or just want to introduce yourself, please feel free to leave comments below. I’d love to hear from you.



Blogger Amanda said...

Yeah, I think you do have a small following here now. I showed it to a bunch of my friends up here. And students have no lives, so all we do is read blogs.

And as for the "Moral Majority" thing, conservatives rage much harder than liberals up here. My friends and I could drink a group of hippies under the table any day!

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Aussie said...

I admire anyone who , unlike me , can string 2 sentences together AND be witty in the process - well done Jep.

6:37 AM  
Blogger JEP said...

Good to hear it Amanda! That's exactly what the conservative movement needs! I think people are initialy drawn to liberalism because they think the libs can party better. MY experience is they are dead wrong. Not to mention, in my opinion, conservatives can afford better booze.

6:59 AM  
Blogger JEP said...

Aussie, I'm glad to see you here. Welcome!

I appreciate the comments and hope to see you around often!

7:00 AM  

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